Hey there, I’m back and I’m better with holiday outfits. I hope you enjoyed Christmas, I barely did since I have to study for my exams in January. Student life *sigh*. Have you already made plans for New Year’s eve? I still have no idea but I know what I possible could wear.


The first look is very dark and simple. A jumpsuit with my favourite coat currently. Combined with black, high open toe heels. Can you tell I was literally freezing that day?



The 2nd outfit is the same coat with a long buttoned dress. Personally my favourite dress ever! Worn with more classic, chic pointy heels. I secretly hope it won’t snow or get any colder this winter. Scarfs and gloves are cute but sometimes it ruins my outfit. Especially this dress doesn’t need anything, it’s already gorgeous on it’s own.



Last but not least the golden metallic evening dress with the metallic clutch. A true eye catcher, especially for when you want to get the attention as soon as you walk in the room. The glitter choker finishes the look. I’m basically a magpie, I love shiny things can’t even explain why !


That was it, guys. My last post of this year. I’m not where I want to be, but I’m not where I was. And to me that’s already a progress. It also gives me hope for 2017. May 2017 bring you peace, happiness and inspiration. I hope you grow with grace this year, even if the path is rocky and rough. I also hope you get closer to where and who you want to be. God heard you, just be patient.


For any further questions, remarks or would you like to share something? Mail me or comment down below.

Enjoy your last days in 2016. See you next year! 


– Lolita

  • OUTFIT 1
    • coat: ZARA
    • heels: PRIMARK
    • jumpsuit: BERSHKA
    • choker: URBAN OUTFITTERS
  • OUTFIT 2
    • dress: ZARA
    • coat: ZARA
    • heels: ZARA
    • choker: URBAN OUTFITTERS
  • OUTFIT 3
    • dress: ZARA
    • vest: Primark
    • heels: ZARA
    • choker: URBAN OUTFITTERS
    • purse: ZARA

© Agnes Assani

Instagram: agnesassani

Facebook: Agnes Assani


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