Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans. It was first known as Negro History Week and later on evolved into a whole month. In the U.S. and Canada it’s celebrated in February and in the U.K., in October. Even though it’s not really celebrated in Belgium, where I live, I still wanted to dedicate this post to Black History Month. This event means so much to me since we then have the opportunity to honor and show people the accomplishments of black Americans who has been ignored throughout the history.

I gathered my black kings and queens in honor for this event.


As you can see, everyone is wearing all black. These outfits stand for the black panters who were also very important figures in the black history. Other than that the heels stand for our women’s rights. And last but not least, the chokers and hatband made of African fabric stand for our African roots.

A special shoutout to my models who absolutely killed the shoot that day !

For any further questions, remarks or would you like to share something? Mail me or comment down below.


– Lolita


  • Jennifer Kasongo
    • IG: @jennicuado
  • Gaëlle Kasongo
    • IG: @gaellekas
  • Flocie Kazungu
    • IG: @flociekaz
  • Esther Bangoura
    • IG: @estherbangoura
  • Emmanuel Henk
    • IG: @emmanuelohenk



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