If you don’t know what I just said, take a guess. Based from the title you should probably understand what I mean. “Kalimera” means “Good day!”. It comes from kali or kalo, meaning beautiful or good, and mera, from “imera” meaning “day.”

Besides that, hey there! I’m back and better with a massive tan. And we all know where I got it from. Greece of course! Yes, I went to Crete a couple of weeks ago with my girls. I know it took me some time, this is so overdue but I still wanted to write about this. Six days of pure Paradise and I’m going to share my experience.


Day 1

It was a rainy day. We had our flight at around 5 pm. We agreed to meet up at a friends house, who lives closely to the airport. I was all packed and ready to have the time of my life. I took the train at to my friend’s house. In the train I checked if I haven’t forgotten anything. I had everything. Well.. That’s what I at least thought. Looking into my wallet I realized that I forgot the most important thing of all. My ID. My heart instantly dropped. I should be boarding in a few hours but I didn’t even know where my ID was. Without that there would be no boarding, no flying, no Greece. There was no way that I would miss my flight.

I called my mom, who was still at home, to ask if she could look in my room. She looked but unfortunately she couldn’t find anything. Of course she couldn’t, I’m the only person to know where my ID could be. I had no choice than to come back home and search for it myself. I ran back home.. in the rain.. with two suitcases.. a huge bag.. no coat. I got home, ran straight to my room and began searching. I looked everywhere. My desk, underneath it, under my bed, in other purses. No ID. I usually always leave my ID is in my wallet. I never take it out. And if I do, I put it right back in. The last time I took it out was when I needed to pick up an order at the postal office. That day I had camo pants on. I opened my closet and saw it laying there. I snatched it and felt my ID inside. I ran downstairs while screaming my heart out.

An hour later I arrived at the airport. Although I lost my ID for a minute we were way to early, luckily. We took our time, grabbed a snack and took pictures of course. Ten minutes before the boarding ends we decide to go through the security and board. Just in time.

We arrived in Heraklion at around 10pm, local time. The first thing I did was thank the Lord for this safe flight and second of all, taking my sweater off. Greece is so damn hot! I was glad it was but how am I going to sleep in this heat.  We took the bus to the airport and collected our luggage. After that we took the taxi to our hotel in Hersonissos. Another thing I noticed was Greek people are reckless drivers. They completely neglect the signs and lights. Hilarious! We arrived at our hotel and I was speechless. Yes, our hotel was that gorgeous. We had a long day but we weren’t tired at all. So we decided to take a walk in the neighborhood, making plans for tomorrow. We had dinner at a restaurant nearby called “Amos” and jumped right into bed after that.

Day 2

We woke up quite early, had breakfast and headed back to bed. With that massive stress of the day before we really needed some decent rest. When we woke up we decided to take a walk around the village, take some pictures and enjoy the hot weather.


At the evening we went straight back to Amos. We literally cannot avoid them since we stayed right next to the restaurant. So if we wanted to go to the city, we had no choice than to pass by Amos. Every single time, the barman, Andreas, always offered us some drinks. And you know this girl can’t say no to free drinks. Usually after the drinks they convince us to stay and have dinner there, so we did.

Day 3


Our air conditioning broke down so I woke up very early. This heat was unbearable. Since it was so hot we decides to do some water activities. We had breakfast and headed to the beach do to some jetski. Worst decision of my life! It seems all fun and easy on videos but when you’re on the damn jetski.. Look, I’m afraid of the ocean. I love the beach as long as I’m not in the water. But we wanted to be adventurous so we did it anyways. Nothing can happen right? Except falling. So we drove pretty fast. Well that’s what I thought until I saw the others flying through the air of speed. Eventually, I wasn’t the one who fell. But Miss Speedy Gonzales did (she knows I’m talking about her). Quite hilarious to see, although we still needed to go back to the beach.

Of course, they got there fast but we were still stuck in the middle of the ocean, scared to even move the jetsky around. The worst part was my girl behind me made me even more scared than I even was in the first place. But thank God we eventually got back slowly but safely to the beach. People with the same fobia know exactly what I felt. Still shook from the jetsky, perhaps another water sport? We hopped on some kind of banana-thing where we had to hold on and they drove us around the ocean. I didn’t realize how fast they would drive us. TOO DAMN FAST. I held on so tight that at the end I had cramps in my hands and arms the whole day. But it was worth it. Another exciting story to tell to my kids.

In the evening we did another photo shoot and planned our next activity for the day after. Certainly no water sports, period. We decided to book a boat trip to Malia. After that we went straight back to Amos for another drink, obviously.

Day 4

The boat left at around 11 am. Way too early for us. We arrived just on time but the boat was so crowded, we could barely sit. I hadn’t looked up Malia so I had no idea what it looked like.

When we arrived I immediately fell in love. It reminded me of Santorini. White houses, white little churches and gorgeous blue sea. I started posing in front of the amazing views and my girls knew what time it was. Get used to the “shoot day every day” thing cus it will happen.. A LOT.


We got back to the boat after a whole day of slaying, had BBQ lunch on the boat and got back to Hersonissos.

Day 5

We almost had to leave just when we got used to the hot weather, the nice people and gorgeous views. We took the time to enjoy our pool and beach for a few hours. After a while we went back to Amos, our daily routine, for a generous amount of cocktails. We might have made that restaurant hella rich this summer.

At night we went to the open air cinema. We had an amazing view. It looked like an amphitheater. You know how the Colosseum looks like in Rome, just like that but with a huge screen in the middle. STUNNING. To be honest I don’t really know what the movie was about. Although, it was an American movie so we understood everything. I guess we were so distracted by the views.

Later on we had some shoots again and went back to our rooms, played some card games.

Day 6

Oh boy, our last day. We woke up soooo sad. I made sure that I enjoyed every little thing even more. I had a huge breakfast, i took loads of pictures, i took my shower extra long and I ate so much that day. The depression was real!

After that we went to town to say goodbye to every single person who was so nice to us. We went back, packed our bags and took the cab back to the Heraklion airport.

– The Greek God over here is Amos’ owner –

A special shout out to my girls who bared my ass for a whole week without killing me. (their socials are right down below) xoxo

Stay tuned for my next blogpost and trips. For any further questions, remarks or would you like to share something? Mail me or comment down below.


– Lolita

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