If you don’t know what I just said, take a guess. Based from the title you should probably understand what I mean. “Kalimera” means “Good day!”. It comes from kali or kalo, meaning beautiful or good, and mera, from “imera” meaning “day.”

Besides that, hey there! I’m back and better with a massive tan. And we all know where I got it from. Greece of course! Yes, I went to Crete a couple of weeks ago with my girls. I know it took me some time, this is so overdue but I still wanted to write about this. Six days of pure Paradise and I’m going to share my experience.

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Hey there, I’m back and I’m better with holiday outfits. I hope you enjoyed Christmas, I barely did since I have to study for my exams in January. Student life *sigh*. Have you already made plans for New Year’s eve? I still have no idea but I know what I possible could wear.

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